About Me

Golden hour colour photo of a sunrise over the North Atlantic ocean

My name is Mario Drolet…

…and these are my images from a spirited mind.

What led to my desire to immortalize everything through photography comes from my dad. Now a retired police officer, while on the force photography became a stress relief on his days off. From my early years, there was always some photography equipment around the house; cameras, lenses, books and even a wide collection of antique cameras. I received my first point and shoot camera before I was even 10 years old; black and white film. Later on I had a Pentax 35mm film camera and various point and shoots from films to digital versions as the years went by.

Fast forward to late 2016, as a present to myself for a milestone birthday I acquired a Canon T6s with a 18-135mm kit lens to get me going again. This was followed a few months later with a Tamron 70-300mm telephoto lens and then a Canon 50mm prime lens.

As my dad before me, photography has become an effective stress relief and a good therapy from the professional life, mainly focusing on landscape, wildlife, travel photography and the occasional portrait.