Park closed sign
Closed sign at the entrance to Rattray Marsh

2020 the year everything change and the year mother nature showed the world she had enough of the abuse and in her fashion has forced us to change our ways.

2020 also found me in search of another employer to benefit from my unique skill set as a web developer. The search is real!

2020 is also the year I stepped up one of my favorite hobby; photography. This translated in a new portfolio built on a new platform using my fore mentioned unique web developer skills. In a sense, this site fulfills two purposes; a medium to display my photography on one hand and a sample site to show my developer/designer skills on the other. I will let my developer and freelance portfolios speak for themselves (in the event you know someone looking, hint, hint) and circle back to the main focus of this post.

2020 brought in a pandemic and numerous closures including outdoor parks and recreation areas where together with my family and friends we escape the daily grind for some fresh air and exercise. With the closure of our usual trekking grounds such as the Rattray Marsh, we found ourselves discovering our neighbourhood via street or short trails all very good for photo opps if you spend the time to look.

2020 also brought us some new friends and encounters (socially distant of course) from human kinds to the wilder kinds that I prefer as photography subjects although more elusive but some would differ when attempting to grasp the attention of a toddler during a family photo shoot, hence my personal preference of subjects having spent many hours trying to capture our own children in a digital format.

2020 found people looking for something to do with their newly discovered free time. Some picked up new hobbies and skills. I brushed up a hobby and now picking up a new one; blogging.

2020 is bringing changes, big changes and the only way I know to successfully make it past the changes is to embrace it!